Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The 6th Target - audio book (Abridged)

The 6th Target - audio book - James Patterson (Abridged)The 6th Target - audio book - James Patterson (Abridged)

A Terrifying Attacker

A horrifying burst of gunfire on a crowded ferry leaves several people dead - and one woman fighting for her life. That victim is a member of the Women's Murder Club, four friends who join forces on their toughest cases when traditional methods get them nowhere. Inspector Lindsay Boxer pursues one tantalizing lead after another in her attempt to bring in the man who tried to kill her friend. But nothing makes sense in the most twisted, frightening case the Women's Murder Club has ever faced.

Children Are Vanishing

While Assistant District Attorney Yuki Castellano prepares to prosecute the toughest trial of her life, the city is in the grip of a chilling crime spree. Children of well-to-do families are being abducted, together with their nannies. But the kidnappings are followed by devestating silence - no message from the kidnappers, no demand for ransom. Parents everywhere fear the worst. Working frantically with her new partner Lindsay Boxer struggles to find the connection that will help them make sense of these horrific crimes.

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Written By - James Patterson
Narrated By - Carolyn McCormick
Published By - Hachette Audio
Length - 6 hours
Categories - Crime

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