Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dangerous Kiss audiobook

Dangerous Kiss

Lucky's back, with a vengeance!

The seductively beautiful, street-smart, and powerful Lucky Santangelo, star of four of Jackie Collins's previous international number-one bestsellers -- Chances, Lucky, Lady Boss, and Vendetta: Lucky's Revenge -- returns in Dangerous Kiss.

In Chances, Lucky grew up in a top crime family; in Lucky, she was married three times; in Lady Boss, she took on Hollywood and bought Panther Studios; and in Vendetta, she fought off a life-long enemy to keep the studio, and her husband.

Now, in Dangerous Kiss, when a member of her family is brutally gunned down in a random car-jacking, her fury knows no bounds. While she is tracking the killer, her relationship with her husband, charismatic writer and director Lennie Golden, is put to the test. Then, suddenly, into her life comes a man from her past -- a man with a dangerous kiss.

Dangerous Kiss is a story of raw anger, love, lust, murder, and revenge, and at its white-hot center is Lucky Santangelo, a strong, exciting woman who dares to take chances -- and always wins.

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Written By : Jackie Collins
Narrated By : Jackie Collins
Published By : Simon & Schuster
Length : 5 hours
Category : Crime
Download Price : $25.00 $15.95

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Dad's Army - Volume 7 audiobook

Dad's Army - Volume 7

Don't Forget the Diver
If the Cap Fits
A Brush with the Law
Getting the Bird

From the annals of wartime Britain come four brilliantly funny episodes with Captain Mainwaring's fully trained Home Guard platoon, ever ready to strike terror into the heart of the Wehrmacht from their unit in Walmington-on-Sea. Always prepared to fight to the finish, this endearing team of characters are at their incompetent best in these wonderfully entertaining adventures specially adapted for radio.

So... Watch out as the platoon tries to capture a watermill, Frazer does a stint as Captain, Mainwaring is accused of breaking blackout and Wilson gets thrown out by Mrs Pike.

Written By
Jimmy Perry and David Crofts

First Broadcast
BBC Radio 4
26 January 1974

Number of Series

Last Broadcast
7 September 1976

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Written By : Jimmy Perry and David Crofts
Narrated By : Full Cast Performance
Published By : BBC Audiobooks Ltd
Length : 1 hour 50 minutes
Category : British
Download Price : $18.99

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